Saturday, February 12, 2005

When freedom stings

When we’re asked to choose, we discard what we consider inferior.

In the process of choosing — colours, friends, subjects, meals, a lifetime partner — it's normal we all play favourites.

But the problem is that those we consider as inferior could be the best. The tragedy is we may never know. We decide based on our limited understanding.

We become victims of our own ignorance. What’s sad is that the choices we had in the past may no longer be there when we finally learned our lessons.

Nothing has never been more painful than having to find a lifetime partner.

There’s literally an infinite number of choices, if you consider that half of the world's 6 billion human inhabitants, are females. This means that, outside your immediate family and relatives, every female of marrying age (from about age 14 to 40), is a candidate.

This is where freedom stings. It’s impossible to choose from millions of potential partners without getting overwhelmed.

So you narrow down your choices to a few, perhaps three to five.

But out of that number, there’s just one person who brings out the best and the worst in you.

(Now edit that article on how biodiversity offers the key to food security, culled from a speech of the UAE Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, which is supposed to go on tomorrow’s Page 3, along with a “City Talk” story on Ramadan.)

I’m blank.

Anyway, silence of the mind is good. Dirty thoughts pollute the brain to the point of self-destruction.

This is one phenomenon I’ve been reflecting on.

Silence is the absence of sound, but that it does not mean the absence of a person or object capable of making a sound.

One of the things I’ve realised is that silence is a powerful, effective way of communicating.

Being silent, which is how God communicates with us most of the time, does not mean the communicator does not exist.

Silence is the evidence of what awaits us. Silence watches our every move.

And silence is where my problem begins with freedom.

I believe there’s only one person that’s meant for another. And I thought I already found that person in this girl.

But I don’t want to work out problems with tempers going haywire.

I’d rather do it with silence, because it is more effective in making people realise deeper realities that lie within.

I may have been an oaf to someone, and a hero to another.

But this is a time to choose.

In the past, some were “chosen” at specific times or the periods they are in -- at work, school, by parents or friends.

I haven’t seriously thought about choosing until now.

This is the downside of freedom -- it offers the extremes of a possible overload of choices or an absolute lack of it.


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