Saturday, January 01, 2005

New Year bash

New Year means moving to a new place.

Worked yesterday till early evening. Thankfully, everything fell right into place.

The huge ads on our New Year's Day pages also helped me wrap up our section early.

After the procession at St Mary's, I visited my godson (choirmate's new baby) and dropped a late gift.

Count down at Kuya Fred's house tuned in to Channel 4 FM was fun. The wide-screen projector at their place (which will soon also be mine) offered a new meaning to the idea of home entertainment.

Kuya Fred's family are leaving for the UK soon. (I stayed with them for more than a year before I moved out when their family got bigger).

Their kids were quite happy with the little stuff I brought for them.

The only misgivings I had about the New Year bash was the unusually unbearable traffic and road rage (the roads were littered with people in a hurry to get somewhere).

Maybe its because everyone — Muslim, Hindu, Christian and Jew (if there are any around here at all) - were out on the streets trying to catch a party somewhere, or just driving around clueless where they want to go.

Ate left-over cakes and sinigang with Jun... in the morning and showed up for work in the afternoon. The Turkish dessert (made of baked oats, rice and milk) I had with two colleagues who asked me out for a quick New Year Sheesh Kebab for themselves was not so bad.

I hope the move to a new place would bring a new dimension to my life this year. It's such a stressful experience to have to move out again. Make one feel the permanence of temporariness that goes with living outside one's real home.


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