Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Office affair

Temptations come, temptations go.

They manifest in the most natural settings. Like the office.
Sometimes I thought maybe I should give it a try — before my youth (or what's left of it) runs out.

Sometimes, you are tempted to start one, especially if there's a willing "victim". There's this one girl, a georgeous and healthy maiden, who won't exactly fit that bill. I don't know what's she's up to.

But she's okay, Ms. Universe material, except that her creed probably won't allow her to stand wearing skimpy suits for all the world to see.

Just looking at her sometimes make me feel better. We'd even trade glances and hi's. At times I catch her looking my way and we end up winking each other's eyes in acknowledgement.

I don't know what that means to her. But I'm quite happy and contented it's all there is to it. I didn't even know her family name until I read her byline in another section. I don't know where she came from. She's just a wonderful sight to behold and nothing else.

She sits a few cubicles away... But once she sat right next to me while talking to another colleague nearby. Felt shy to butt in, no matter how I wanted to. So I just hammered away at my keys.

Maybe I was not particularly excited about striking up a conversation or was never bothered really by her strong presence either.

Or maybe I'm in denial of how powerful that moment was. Perhaps, in my refusal to acknowledge that she's quite attractive, I'm passing off a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

That's the only time we ever came close to each other. And how will I know if there could have been "us" which would have made my life different if I'm too diffident to make a move?

She's alright... tackling women's issues, a pretty sensitive one in this part of the world in one of her stories.

But it's one thing I never really believed in, office affairs.

It's convenient, but it's also cheap.

Being emotionally attached to someone in the same line of work could create many complications professionaly, I think, especially if you work for the same paymaster.

First off, your judgement is clouded. No preaching here. It creates an unhealthy environment. Another thing is the difference of creed.

Yet again, it's convenient — and cheap because dating is not a problem. You see each other everyday. Which could also make it boring.

But different folks, different strokes, as they say. Others may see it differently.


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