Saturday, December 11, 2004

Amazing grace

What happens when you found out you had extra money in your wallet and you don't know how it happened?

I'm not exactly sure where the extra sparkling 500 dirhams came from. Last time I checked, I was down to one Dh500, a couple of Dh100s and a few smaller bills.

I'm a penny pincher. So I ‘feel’ exactly what's inside my wallet. But this extra Dh500 is one of those miracles. But the two Dh500s? How did the extra Dh500 got in there?

It just makes me happy to realised that when one opens up his heart to others in need, God will reward him ten-fold. Just like that.

And that's exactly what happened. Yesterday, Friday, there was a second collection during the Tagalog mass (for which the choir sang). I happily gave what my heart felt was I must give.

On the night between Friday and today, I dropped the clothes gathered from my closet which I left in my car as well as from friends in a faraway accomodation at the door of Fr Zaki's office. This was meant for the flood victims. By then the church was already empty of any earthly creatures.

After a slow drive-by, I thought of delivering the goods the next day. But I noticed the front gate was left half-open (undergoing repairs?). So I drove into the courtyard through the small opening, and went up to the same spot where I'd ask my mother for many things in the past.

The answer, which was quite unexpected, came the very next day.

It's weird. It's a miracle. It's true.


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