Friday, November 12, 2004

Nov. 2004

call m wat u want. Unlike u, I can take it all. Wat I wont take s ur excuse tat twas pure refusal 2 ans coz of fon bills. If it was, den I cant axpt dat ud rard rejct 101 cals dan pik up evn just once 2 say helo. Bas2s ka n u know it.

u sed as by ur haughtiness. M not seeking 4 answers as 2 ur behavior 3 mos back, kc evn u don’t know y u acted lyk dat. Did dat 2 m wo a valid reason watsoevr. I dnt beliv its not wanting 2 pay 4 cals. Its somthn else, but d hel it matrs now.

ang kapal mo talaga no?I was goin to ask something lng sana, something abt a job ofer there, bt in ur cowardice, u wudn’t answer ur fon. Maling mali ka 2 think wat u thot, dat ur bloated fear of getting cursed wud b realised. M not affectd so much by wat u

Wel, ur showing oderwise, thanks for the compliments, btw ;)

I know Im a bitch – iv called mself dat b4, havn’t I? I know it, I claim it, I axept it . e U? d mo matanggap wat u r, n bastos kang gago.y dos dat pierce ur gut so? Bakt k n denial? Bitr? S dat rly how u wnt 2 b @ 34?? I really hop u heal.

I know Im a bitch—iv called myself dat b4, havn’t I? I know it, I claim it, I axpt it. E u? d mo matanggp wat u r, n bastos kng gago. U dos dat pierc ur gut so? Bkt ka in denial? Bitr? S dat realy how u want to 2 @34? I rly hop u heal.

whoa,afraidAND afcted! Nyahaha, sabi n nga ba e. cge pa, murahin mo pa ko. Ilabas mo lahat mong galit! Just goes to show ur softer than u show. Wc disproves ur pagpapanggap na ayaw mong makipagmurahan.e kaw naman ang sanay dun!

Cge pa,hurl mor of wat u got! Do it while u hav d chance. Soon enuf, d big coward n u wil take ovr & ul clam up al over agn. & then wat? Next thing u know, life’s pasd u by. Kya my unsolicited advice s, LIVE! Sna sumaya k na rin.

Urname S synonymous wd gago&bastos. It cud be a Webster entry! And no, we r not even. U had more investment, which u had no qualms of throwing away & losing. Just 1 of the many things u were wrong about…so wrong.

Tough talk, tough talk..Bt w knw its diff nsyd!Tsk,tsk, I was going jst dat. Gud nyt!Or nOt.

M smart, just admit it. & I can as smartass when I want 2. kapal mo 2 sugest id text u coz m lonely huh?! Hel,no. no way! Kya go mit ur deadline na lang! Gudness knows ur life is one big deadline, if not a deadend.

kaya natawa m wen u apologized 4 somethng iv long 4goten abt!& wats really so pathetic is dat di ka nahihiyang makipagaway ovr something that u will own up to din naman later on..nakakatawang nakakainis! U misd d mark completely.AY mali.

No things r perfectly fine and dandy, actually, I was going 2 ask something, which been planning 2 since last nyt. And w know y I can expect an answer 2 it now! Y do u think ur saying shit matters 2 me? It another thing I have an issue with u, doh!

and2 apologise 4 things ur inclined to acknowledge belatedly. Coz its pathetic ok? Wala ka rin karapatan,btw, 2 judge wat I feel for another, coz u weren’t wise enough 2 discern the same even wen it was still u n his shoes.

OMG, u missed the sarcasm, I cant believe it! Ganyan ka na ba ka-dense ngayon?? I was ryt to got away!&d same habit? Wat, cursin?m mouth is as lovely and clean as it was b4 you wreaked havoc in my life, thank u. now don’t go writing 2 fish info & 2

What I don’t understand is how som1 can be so scared of expletives dat aren’t common,how a guy can reject dat many calls fr his gfrend he supposedly wants to make right by, and cal it pangungulit wen all she wanted was to talk to him, kahit sya pa magbayad,wc she did.

la ka naman karapatan magreklamo kung ayaw ktang makausap dahil d n rin naman tayo>ryt! Now y didn’t I think of dat? E kahit nung tyo pa nga ganyan ka na kalala mambastos d b?? kaya nga d na tayo e! XQS na lng d memory lapse. It happens

Pero a helo is beyond u, isn’t it? Kc ur so chicken 2 face ur fears. Cursing is something ur more in d habit of doing dan I am. Grabe ang topak mo! Il be happy to return 2 the peaceful way of things b4 ds. Jus crawl back into ur hole and rot der! Sus!

Wala ka na dun how we conduct ourselves. Ang sakin lang, is that maybe u cud at least exercise some courtesy, coz after d incident wd all those rekected calls which ended it definitely, I still had d decency to answer 2 of ur calls and uttered @ least a helo, didn’t I?

Yes, coz how cud droping call but texting immediately 2 explain b bastos compared to rejecting 101 calls n an hour? And for wat?? Grabe, educ8d ppol can really b barumbado sometyms. Sana may mate-take ng ng kabastusan mo!

I was actually starting to feel friendly. I wasn’t out 2 curse you, not kanina or wen u thot I would b4. but u had to do ur brand of kabastusan agn, which is really wats so insulting. Ibang klase ka talaga. Napapailing ako! My MOR isn’t like u @ all!

Ang tigas pa rin ng mukha mo ano? Kala mo kung cnong gwapo! Bakt ayaw mong sumagot? Bakit ka natatakot? May itatanong lang sana ako dat has nothing to do with wat went down btwn us whatsoever. Pro as isa kang malaking duwag, nvr mind.


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