Monday, June 28, 2004

June 2004

Parausang luhaan sa kanyang kahinaan at kahihiyan. Ang akala moy tama na ang iyong ginawa. Panatag ka na may patutunguhan kayong hinaharap, magkasama. Ang hindi nyo alam ay ang dilim ay dilim at Ang tila’y liwanag, dilim pa rin pala.

U know everytime u don’t text bak agad, al sorts of thot flow thru my head. Its either that ur drowining urself in alcohol or sleeping with multiple women. I think someday it will make me crazy. So s tay sane, I beter close my fon na lang. Its no use anyway.

BB, let’s not fight. I hate angela. I love u. sana lang u make me feel loved kahit ur neck deep at work. Ang layulayo mo na nga e. Iv no one to touch, 2 hold, 2 kiss. Its lonely. A word from u s d only thing I look forward to every day but u make me wait 2 long.

Wag kang complacent. Make me feel loved and be consistent. Swerto mo nga, naliligaw nga pero nakahalik na agad. Nasasabihan pang ilove u. guess what I bought, neocolours best of CD. Un bang sayo orig? galing watched a movie with Mian.

Nagulat ako, nareject ko. M sleepin na. Gud nyt. I mean, morning.

maybe u don’t realise that my feelings are still dithering. They r not beyond chaning. So f u don’t make gud of our chance now, I might lose interest again. N other words, manligaw ka pa rin ano?

MYI02: U c urself involv in ur fam biz n 4 years, meaning, ditto ka den? But dats when I c myself joining u der! D ata magkatugma plans natin??

OK lang mag biz, pro mahirap dn I u lose money dat ur risked tapo la ka nang natirang money. Kya dapat kahit u invest some, u still save some. Can tito alex Fernando, rem Dem? They lost P4m sa jap resto nila dat didn’t click.

DAT is the msg I failed to send last nyt kc rant outa load n. Bakit d ka na rin nag ttext e may load ka naman? D ka na nga rn nauuna mag text e, d ka pa nagtitext at all. S ds wat I get only 2 weeks afteru left?y, 4 takin u bak less dan a week after I saw u agn?

Kla ko ba uv come to axpt, dat I can’t take ur calls all d tym? So u d jlusy? I cant do does things think m capable of; I feel guilty abt u with mommy gna, pano pa sa iba she doesn’t like? Wag mo ko pahirapang tawagan k, kc d kita pwedeng kausapin lagi!

CNONG may sabing galit ako? M not, but ur assuming I am might just make me mad. I was n d other room when u called, u ddnt cal again e I have no load, naicip mo ba? D pa ko nakakawdraw. + I was finishin the dark tower 4, which I have now, all 700 pages of it.

IV started the book 5 na rin, which is also around 700 pages thick, d ako ako selos, dats not the pot. Yoko kang dat u don’t answer my call khit 2log ka. Tsaka bkt, cant u tell international cals from local 1s, which u don wana ans?
Its like u don’t wana take even does from me. Y?

19.35.59/ 20-06-04
happy fathers’ day to a future father, whether of my kids or not. I gred ur papa and ur mama texted me ds: Myi tanks for ur love and care. Happys day too 2 ur dear dad. We love u too. Toto’s mom. T.B.H.

22.50.47/ 20-06-04
MYI02: complacent somtime. U still tend to ignore what u fought 4.. sayin u don’t hafta know wat I do everyday. Dat’s like not carin. D pwede sakin un. Ewan ko b sayo. U cant leave everthing to fate.

Il join u wen al doubts n my mind and heart r arased. & I mean it. Five years made me unsure of u. instead of assuring me, which is wat u must do more of now. I think I made it 2 easy for you so u feel

O meron? I wudnt know, malay ko whose legs k nakadantay, tsaka alam mo naming I cant take ur calls anytime. Cors I want 2 but I cant’ kaya sana pag ako ang 2mawag, alam mo ng u have to take it coz dat means der aren’t nosy people around, which is rare.

I know ur running out of money 4 cal cards. U sent m money so id be the 1 to call u, right? So why is it dat wen I do, nakasilent phone mo? I take ur calls even when m sleeping ah, a s long as im alone. E bkt kaw, hindi? E wala ka naming panagtataguan.

the only time I don’t answer is wen m downstairs having dinner and wen I’m wd my cuzins. Kaw naman kahit sabihang mamaya na, tatawag ka pa rin, sa landlyn naman this time. Sayiang 2loy ung call kc d ko masabi ung gusto kong sabihin. Ngayon u cant call kc im not sleeping in my room.

Alam mo palang u cant talk to me anytime, d dapat pag 2mawag ako u take d cal agad kc dat means d coast is clear! Isa pa, I never put my phon on silent mod kaya kahit 2log me at tumawag ka, id know. Kht d ko man mareceive, ill text u agad afteradd. E ikaw ewan.

Kulit mo naman e. sabi ko mnamaya na pro tawag ka pa rin. Yan tuloy d ko nasabi my tru kewnto. Maya na lang. Ang daya naman kc, kanina pa ko tawag pero nakasilent fon mo tapos wen I cant ans ur cal, tawag ka sa landline kahit sinabing mamaya na. Hay naku.

yoko may sibs, I can get kwento from cuzins naman. Plus I can get from books all the kwento I want and care about. Or maybe I just grew used to being a lone child. E1. basta m hapy w d setup. Pauwi na kami after d sibs and nlaws hugged and kissed. hayyyy

HOWR ya mylov? D2 kmi mama gina d dentist ironing out kinks within the family. particularly the business with mam nen prophesying bryan to be hopeless. Hirap dami kapatid, buti m isalng lang, masaya. I guess m’ing is ok so long as its me on ur mind while at it.

BBdB yesterday lang me reloaded? Bkt ganun?, 200 n lang agad load ko e twicy lang naman m txt u, tapos twyc din k daday/ I made no cal calls pati? Autoload pa sa kin s Ronald ng Dh50. pro 200 na lang? Bakit?! Ang dayaDAYA ng globe. Kya pala biggest earner!

dady called, pinipilit na naman me magwork. Its not like wala akong balak naman; I just wana take some more time off. U read my blog? Dnt cal m landline nga palan kc tonight, m sleeping beside ma n d other room. Gudnyt na po bblov. Tikr and kpPUR..mwah

Hibb, its 1 am hir but I don’t feel sleepy yet. M so engrossed wi d dark twoer4. may lov story kc,hehe. M glad I started reading Stephen king, tho ds is all il read by him kc his other books are horror e. Ds series is more of fantasy w a lil western.

course il pray for ur plans bb. how do you knw da it is gud, hmm? Ddja cal? W had dinder and wen I went back upstairs, my fone is on the floor. It fell and went dead.

don’t wori I don’t need money right away,m I not f bigyan n nina ma. End of the month is ok, kainis naman c legarda, sinabihan c kiko na bagitong senator.. d attacks are getting more personal., kainis opposition. It’s raining right now, it want a hug from my bb.

un msg ko last nyut bb. D nasend kc ka na pala ko load. Ngayon lang m load ulit. 1 onder f u both load for urself na. Hav u been reading my blog? I wana watch again pero I wana read more. Hehe. Der are new movies today coz its wed. ano gawa nambb?

5t or more? Kaw, kung anong pwede. I wil finish books 4 and 5 b4 the mnonth eneds. So I cud read d 6th come july. Dats wat il buy. Wana catch the gudwill 50% sale din before it ends.m reading wild swans ryt now2. its sad… amishoo bb. Nyt. Mwah.

oi bkt d u ans ha? Knina pa ko txt e.. I bought drk tower bk 5. yay!m now reading bk4. its so thick.bk6 is now available but la na ma pambili ngayon. Will u lend me money b4 mid-july kung d ako byaran ulit nna momy? Ddnt c 100 islands.

We saw u got served. Teen movie.nagcab kami, 100 lang papunta, 100 pabalik. Wir now in FX4 sure maiinggit can bing, f not magtamp. Pnasyal ko lang c cath kc lapit na sya umuwi. Ubos pera ko. D ko pa nakukua wat u went.
Bad ka, u future diver u! u ruined my pants!=p I wana touch u agn. Talap embrace n bed. Nothing like kissin from time to time, watching un sleep, tracing ur features, caresin ur back and arms and pits, flng m2y. ah, bliss. Aren’t u caling?

HI bb, M in Eastwood city, about to watch a movie with cathy. 2 lang kami. Mas madali pala dumaan sa marikina riverbas going here instead of katipunan. D2 na tayo daan next time. Amishoo po. Cant wait till dec. mwah!

Low bat po. Charge muna me. Cal again maya. A cal ctr called. Have interview on Friday. Called ABS, d writer/ PA position not filled yet daw. Which job do I think wud be better I wana rack up media experience but im curious about call ctrs 2.

bkit d u sagot ? lost ur chance u hear ILY nyt.

&Europ!punta tayo dun for our honeymoon ha>? Tapos wel make love in every country. Nyc if we conceive there, para intel baby natin! He2. Pwede rin RD trip through the many states of the US. Momy says she sees me marrying in 5 years. Not long now, BB…

Hi bb gest what. Were going to pang! Punta ki sa 100 islands. May emnel sis na tagadun. 1 bro bought a house I dasma daw. Were going to manaoag 2m after visiting M lolo’s tomb. I wana go to baguio w u. & palawan. & bicol. And romblon.

We went to alaminos, nir the hundred islands kaya I thought we sleep at a resort, d pala! Bukid kami natulog sa place nung taga emanuel, nilamok m! tapos d kami nakaligo lahat yesterday p! Ang behubehu ko na! Oh u wont wana kiss me f u can c m right now.

Hi bb, u eat instant nudles lang b pag wala u dinner? Wow u had mango shake last night, huh?my fave!pauwi na kami. We had mas @ manaoag, yay! Miraculous un, did u know? Panata tayo dun somday. Dun na parish ni fr sony Ramirez e.

BB, cant ANS. Maglulowbat. D2 pa lang kmi ni expressway. Mya k lang call, ill misscal u. K? do u realize ur a week gone na? I was gana text u yesterday bet 2-5 2 remind u of wer we were last week but la cgnal sa pinuntahan naming e. misya bb. Mwah.

Tamo, d mo na naman alam kung ano gusto mo talaga. Basta fou 2 suggest I date others. Unless ur for an open rel, 4 which m not. Kaw na lang kung gusto mo. But I want out first. Il break away before u make me cry again. Ang sakin lang s d eyes don’t lie.

other people. Ako w friends lang kc dats diff. D mo ata na gets? So its foul 2 push me into dating when its clear were together. Kung un ang gusto mo talaga, pwede rin. Pro dats not my idea of a rel. d ata talaga clear sa u idea ng commitment e.

01.05.23/HU knows hu u took to a hotel before me. I only sed I might have another before I agreed to a recon. Pero when we got back together, syempre it follows na wala ng ibang dates. I specifically told u dat night u thought I was fighting u. sabi ko we should agree never to go on dates w.

Not the fine dining, put ur best foot forward kind, I never touched any else, not even the waist, never kissed another straight guy on the cheek or elsewhere. Never went beyond texting. U mustve texted those girls too, besides taking them out. And saya saya!

daday had gfs before momy but they weren’t serious. I know coz they told me about it, and he sims takot p nga s inquisition ko. Ma saw many but u heard it urself, mu lang cla. Now I don’t realy c how dey fit into the picture. I never had another bf after u, never dated.

karereload ko lang d other day so I cant ask momy for a new load till after 4 days. E wala na rin akong pangreload. I treated ot m cuzins to day ng bg, met w high schools frends and 2m c EJ naman treat ko.

I will. Maybe I should d naman kta inaaway e. nagtatanong lang ako. M just looking for reassurance. U should know that. Since ur the 1 who had an ax to trind against m over the very same thing before. This will be my last text today. Cant afford to send u 10 messages a day.

things? Yan gna sinasabi kong los of interest on ur part wenever ud go away, kc u don’t wana pursue issues. Ud rather let them drop. Nung andito ka, ud vehemently deny any mischief. Preo once ur gone, al u can give me is a push to go dating. Fine, maybe

gulo mo. When we’re together, ud tell me not to go out with anyone else. Now ur telling me to go dating co workers just so I wont impose my “arrogance of innocence” with u. sound to me like a copout. U don’t want me to push d the subject. Y, so I wont have to find out some

So sabihin mo na habang maaga pa. Coz if it turns out u kept something from me and its four years later, im going leave u. I don’t care of the wedding is underway by then. M telling u can leave u if I learn uv banged another girl, and a cheap creature at that. So u better let me

Sabi ni momy dady will come around, wag lang sya bibiglain. Cguro it would be best to let him know when Iv worked der n dubai na, tapos uwi tayo. Para itd seem lyke dyan tayo nag reconcile, it wont realy look lyk we kep it for years, kahit we did. Cge na bb.

my titas n titos talk about me pala., kaya m like ds kasi I gre up with a loving dad and attentive mom. Kaya daw im, kumbaga, whole. Hehe. Kc cla either absent ang dad or galit lagi. E my dady says im his life and death… so lets not hurt dady agn.

hi pox, d kami tuloy ni ej kasi momy didn’t alow me to go out w her. Gusto plan na kami labas. Shes dragging me to d bank to wdraw wat m. jo sent 4 tuition fees tapos we’re going some where duno W p. nol and m. jang kc cla mayn. How was my bb’s sleep?

How can I c ur ems when I hire in ayala? @ nababagabag talaga m over the bok I wasn’t able to buy n ATC, d lang ma makabalik dun. La nang d dark tower book 5, huh2. m gonna try to go to booktopia pag may money na m ulti and my ibang kasama. Hirap umuwi galing dun e.

Hi bb, I wana go back to atc 4 the biks I wasn’t able to get last time. Kya lang la me kasama.. kung bkt kasi d ko naicip ilabas ang credt card ko then e mail laman pa naman pla. Yan 2loy, nababagagag m.. he2.. kaw ba d u ans my call!

hi bb, did ja get my mail from n newly opened account @ yahoo? No, u didn’t say ILY kagabi ah.. ur stil paying for ur car pala? Momy says hi. Pangging and her ate aiza r devastated. They just learned they have a 1 year old half sib. Ang sad ng ganun.

BB u didn’t say u loved me… hmp.. huhu.

when ka nag send pla? Sana hindi na lang. Kc d ko rin nakuha ngayon e nandi2 kami sa barko. E may inutangan pa naman cla daddy, magpapadala din ds week. Magtataka cla bkt sobra ung nasaATM ko. Bka gamitin nila, do ko masabing akn un.

I’m not sure I trust ur choice =p Sort of broken up? Ano un? May ganun ba? Wala po ata.. kay Malabo k sa kanila. Dapat sabihin mo ang totoo. Cge bring me guylian. Kahit konti lang. Ung nand2 nga di ko pa maubos. 2m uwi na nga pala kami.

sana dn ud clarify 2 ur family n d na tayo dalawa kc d namn talaga. BTW, ur pa jie was here around 9 earlier with his family. D kc cla nakapunta nung tues, dady’s bday. BTW, aftr he sed he wants to have a house in tagaytay. I joked ma f pwede sa dasma, ha3!

bakt naman naputol agad d # dat apired was 09262686206. so weird. Tawag ka ulit. Bitin e.