Monday, August 11, 2003

Aug 6 - 11, 2003

Mwahaha,lukuluko ang bulate!sbi n nga ba e. hahaha!sabihin MO ninang ako,yippee!I cant stop lafing&shaking my head at d same time.@_@

every1s gota cary hs own cross.basta ako iv resurrected n.=p CRNCHTYM ngayon will pas 2m wat jen&I worked on yest. Wat did dady say daw when T riky mad dat suggestion, dat u jam agen (A. no reaction yet, coz he didn’t email back to riki bout this issue).

iKNW dady asked abt u. momy 2ld m dn, d b and in turn 2ld u. now wat dd he say he told dady? Havnt cn ur eml yet. Jems here kc, wir working on something due on tues.

I ddnt text u yest. Wen u didn’t ans I stoped n. kc I thot, wats new? Dnt want 2 na sana e. kc gnun nman nakasanyan na, db? Y dnt u ask ms a. or huever na aliwin ka? Un lng naman ang gus2 mo frm m, ryt? Pro its not prt of my job na nga.

Ei, dl ds song dn by splendor. “d lonelist person I know.” Another song I think I wana sing to u, bsyds dos already n the compilation. Btw, some of those r songs I wanted u to sing to me. Pro not anymore. Sad…

nakakinsulto all over agn

ryt, buti n lng d k nakita ng tta mo sa windward. Yoko na sana sumagot syo kc its pointless, but duno y m still drawn n2 this texting thingy. Iv been trying to ive in peace here. Hope ur at peace wd ur obediences. Nyt.

pls stp sending those 4wards to me. Jst leave m alone, iv become more realistic about wat’s gud 4 me&whats not. I cnt always defy authorit, drag u wd me and hope to get away with it. Cant have it both ways, hav a nyc day.

pathetic eh? M quite hapy wd myself, my freedom. I also need not be told what to do, re devrginizng myself. U did dat already somhow.. or maybe what u really wanted to say was go f*k urself. Thank u.

Funy that a person can sing such a diff tune nang la pang 1 month.. see how inconsistent u r?m glad I didn’t make the mistake of kissing u. now how does that freedom u were so big about feel? Enjoy it, k? & id rader u keep mum about everything to t2 riki.


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