Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Let's hope she's right

Words of encouragement. A pat in the back. A simple appreciation. It helps. It works. It's simple.

Yet it's hard to come by. And when you're the object of recognition, especially by a boss, for doing things right, for wearing the kind of smile you put on your miserable're simply suspended in disbelief. You start to doubt your ears. Or the intention behind those feel-good words.

"You have the right attitude at work," my boss told me just now. It's not as if I did anything really great a minute ago. So I haven't got the fogiest as to the provocation for these load of ... "Mark my words, you have what it takes to succeed in life. Attitude counts, more than talent," the boss added.

Empty compliments, for lack of nothing to say? Or an outright insult, saying that what I lack in wit, I make up for it by having my heart in the right place? Well... dunno, really. All I know is I work for a living the best way I can. Maybe it's because I don't normally complain or grumble, no matter how tough the task. No matter how challenging. No matter how boring. No matter how simple. But I do ask the authorities when I don't know what to do. It's just common sense. Not a Mensa-type display of wit.

Ah, but let it be. For lack of anything creative or off-the-cuff reply, I just retorted: "Attitude is everything in life. When talent is misplaced, it ruins the people around you."

I really believe that. Some "experts" say that people tend to cling to their old ideas with time. But some truths don't change with time, do they? Let's take the dictator Ferdinand Marcos: a bar top-notcher, one of the youngest senators, one of the smartest presidents at the start of his career. One of the worst crooks too. When he married the once-beautiful Imelda, Ferdinand was already a rising star of Philippine politics (a congressman, I think). Well, Marcos turned out to be one of the worst crooks. No one can match his loot enough to unseat him from the Guinness Book of World Records. His children don't seem to care. They're back in the limelight. A few inches away from the coffers of our Mickey Mouse Republic. And what of the world "Imeldific"?

But that's another story. Back here in the office, I figured that I messed up my pages today. Not so happy with the way I edited the story (Dubai by night, about the trash collectors -- the unsung and unseen heroes). I thought the writer could have developed it further, squeezed more information, and make it not only a livelier but also an informative read. But not time to argue or get more facts. Besides the pictures are almost done by now, even if the pictures are a mess. But it's because of the way I laid them out.

But "you have what it takes to succeed in life".

A bold declaration. Let's hope the boss (whom I suspect is a she-man) is right about this.

08.28.02 4.45pm


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